On Monday, the 9th of November, we gathered again with our learning community for the second CIRCLET session of this year. Unfortunately not all together in real life, but we did all we could to make it as warm and interactive as possible in our digital Teamsspace. Two hours of exchange, inspiration (and a little bit of common cursing on the Covid calamity). 

CERL is known to be quite rebellious: long-standing norms are questioned and established practices are twisted and turned. This whole process of going against the grain can also be demanding, however. Hence we have shared experiences and thoughts on the various challenges that we might run counter when establishing CERL practices. How do we engage ourselves, students and stakeholders in uncertain Covid-times? How do we have to handle confidential or sensitive data? How can we attune different timelines, desires and expectations? How can partnerships be anchored sustainably in order to preserve them for future generations of students?

We found some answers thanks to the interesting contributions of Céline Cocquyt and Silke Vanslambrouck from the department of educational innovation at VUB. They enthusiastically guided us through the digital jungle and pointed at ways to work better together online. (Did you know that the blend of Onenote, Sharepoint and Teams is a recipe for a powerful learning environment?)

Go to the VUB CANVAS course on Blended Learning for more inspiration and guidelines.

Consequently, the VUBs data protection officer Andries Hofkens convinced us that a well-thought-out interaction with ICT is crucial when we’re shifting our educational and research practices from campus to home. Different privacy issues regarding the gathering, usage and storage of personal data were discussed. As well as the importance of using up-to-date, secured software. (Did you know that the VUB offers free anti-virus software for all its students and staff?)

For more information: https://ivp.vub.be or dpo@vub.be

Thanks a lot for everyone to be there with us, trying to make our CIRCLET trajectory as engaging and interactive as possible. Warm thanks especially for Céline, Silke and Andries to inspire us and answer our questions!

Next session: 14th of December 2020!

Featured image: by NeONBRAND on Unsplash