Find support and recognition through CERL-opportunities at VUB

While we are all struggling to keep track of the present, having to adapt plans and strategies as COVID rules the world, the VUB-CERL-team invites you to pause, take a deep breath and imagine a more desirable future. We are very happy to share our CERL-toolkit and invite you to join us in a Futuring Workshop at the 2020 Engage Conference.

In the past three years VUB-CERL-team (UNIVER.CITY) has been investigating ways to put VUB’s ambition to be an URBAN ENGAGED UNIVERSITY into practice. An institution wide learning community was installed, open to university staff, students and community partners with a shared interest in Community Engaged Research and Learning (CERL) strategies. The activities of the CERL-learning community allowed us to develop a VUB-proof narrative about CERL and collect a series of tools, guidelines, activity plans, redesign instruments and other resources that are now available as a CERL-toolkit on CANVAS. Anyone who is interested in community engagement, can register for the course through VUB LRN and navigate freely through the CERL-toolbox.

Because VUB wants to keep track of all CERL-initiatives  and recognize engaged leadership more formally, a new item was added to PURE, allowing you to document your acts and experiences of engagement. CERLs are knowledge creation and dissemination initiatives, embedded in real-life contexts, where diverse stakeholders are brought together to work around societal challenges and contribute to sustainable transition. Examples are community based teaching and learning initiatives, participatory research projects, co-creation activities, Science Shop Projects, etc.  You can submit all relevant activities  in the PURE databank, by choosing the CERL-item in the Activity-menu.

The UNIVER.CITY-team supports lecturers and researchers in developing innovative CERL initiatives. We are very proud to be invited at the Engage Conference for providing a Futuring Workshop and presenting VUB’s CERL framework and good practices. If you would like to escape COVID times and join us in designing a more desirable and engaged future, registration is still open, we will be happy to connect!

Featured image: Drew Beamer on Unsplash